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Uninvite Mosquitoes From Your Summer BBQs for Good

mosquito plYou've worked hard to create an impressive menu to go with your next foray into the world of backyard dining. Unfortunately, your efforts haven't just attracted the attentions of your guests and jealous next-door neighbors. You also have to contend with mosquitoes, and it seems like these buzzing pests fail to get the message no matter how many times you tell them that they're not welcome.  Want to transform your next BBQ into a mosquito-free paradise? Try these integrated pest management, or IPM, tips. Eliminate Breeding Spots Mosquitoes require standing water to breed. Different Aedes and Culex species have distinct preferences on whether they prefer human-made pools, like puddles in trash bins, or organic spaces, like leaves that gather rainwater. No matter what type of infestation you're at war with, however, getting rid of these spots can make your yard way more pleasant. Experts recommend actions like plugging tree holes with insulating foam, cleaning gutters to...
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