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Florida Pest Control Center is independent, and family owned. We are your local Broward County exterminator. We are dedicated to sustainable pest control.  You can expect each Florida Pest Control Center technician to be on time, courteous, and never pushy toward you when recommending services. You deserve a qualified examination by an experienced technician and our green extermination specialists will provide you with recommendations for your customized pest control treatment.

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Our Products

Our pledge to you is to never use any product that would put your family or pets at any unnecessary risk. Your safety is our highest priority. Our green pest control products, while extremely effective, will not create a toxic atmosphere for you or your family. Pest extermination need not be dangerous to be effective. Moreover, many of our pest control products are either organic or botanically (derived from plants) based, freeing them of the detrimental effects to the environment and wildlife caused by some traditional extermination products.

Your Environment

Terms like ecological sustainability, eco-friendly and green are getting used more and more these days. We know that pest control in Florida can promote a sustainable environment. For example, untreated carpenter ant and termite infestations can rapidly destroy wood structures, subsequently causing the need for excessive timber harvesting. Florida Pest Control Center understands that a judicial use of certain pest control products is sometimes the best environmental solution.

At Florida Pest Control Center, our goal is to provide customers with effective, ecologically responsible pest management solutions, protecting health, households and the world around us. Our integrated approach relies on targeting the source of pest problems rather than the symptoms, therefore eliminating pests through low impact techniques. As we become more aware of our environmental footprint and the issues we face concerning our ecosystem, it’s our responsibility to respect and protect the world we share. That’s why we got into the business.

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