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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes on Your Property

Mosquitoes cause problems for everyone in their yards each year. They’re not only nuisances but also spreaders of various diseases such as the Zika virus. They silently land on both humans and animals, plunging their proboscis into the skin and draining enough blood to fill their bellies. If you’re the victim of a mosquito infestation, you can do a few things to stop them from taking over your yard.

4 Ways to Stop Mosquito Infestations

Remove any stagnant water from your yard.

Female mosquitoes are attracted to and lay their eggs in water. If you have water in a birdbath, a dog dish or a flowerpot, you’re increasing the risk of mosquito infestations. It’s best to drain any water from the objects in your yard to put an end to mosquito breeding sites.

Cut back the shrubs and weeds.

Mosquitoes hunt for food in the morning and evening. When they’re resting during the heat of the day, they spend their time on the leaves of shrubs and weeds. They may also rest on overgrown grasses in your yard. Maintaining your lawn will eliminate their resting spots and send them somewhere else.

Pick up the trash around your property.

Clutter and trash attract pests of all types, including mosquitoes. They can find water in old cans or crumpled plastic bags and use these sites to breed. You should remove any trash and clutter from your property to reduce the mosquito population.

Have a professional treat the yard.

Professional pest control technicians use the most effective treatments for mosquitoes. They know where to spray and how to treat infestations at the source. Professional technicians will also identify any troublesome spots in your yard and help you to keep mosquitoes away during the peak season.

Get Rid of Mosquitoes for Good

If mosquitoes continue to infiltrate your yard, seek assistance from the professionals. Florida Pest Control Center can help to kill mosquitoes on your property and to stop them from congregating on bushes, trees and the grass. Taking preventative steps and working with professional pest control technicians will give you a mosquito-free yard throughout the year.

5 Signs You Might Have a Bed Bug Infestation

Bedbugs are common pests that can get into anyone’s home regardless of how clean and careful you are. While there is no evidence to suggest that they transmit disease, they are still a source of stress and irritation.

If you are concerned that you might have a bedbug infestation, here are five common signs to look for.

1. Bite Marks

Bedbug bites can often be mistaken for other types of bug bites, especially in the warmer months when there are lots of biting insects around. However, bedbug bites do have their own distinct signs, so the next time you start scratching, take a closer look.

Most often, you will see and feel the following characteristics:

– Small, red and raised welts- Straight lines of identical, multiple bites- Burning and itching- Irritated rash around a bug bite

2. Physical Evidence

While they are not always easy to spot, you can often find physical evidence of their presence if you look closely.

The most common sign of a bedbug infestation is the telltale dark, period-sized marks on your mattress, bedding or pajamas. These are fecal stains from the bugs.

Another sign will be small blood stains on your bed sheets and clothing. Because bedbugs feed on blood, they always leave a bit of a mess behind.

3. Smell

Believe it or not, if the infestation is bad enough, you will actually be able to detect a distinct odor. If you notice an unusual, sickly sweet smell anywhere in your house, particularly in bedrooms, you should be on the lookout for bedbugs.

4. Live Bugs

Obviously, the easiest way to ascertain that you have a problem is by spotting the pests themselves. bedbugs are adept at hiding, and the young ones are small enough that they are difficult to spot with the naked eye. Adult bedbugs are rust-colored and fairly large, but they are able to fit almost anywhere.

5. Eggs and Exoskeletons

Bedbug eggs are extremely tiny and will appear glued to surfaces like mattress seams, upholstery, headboard joints, bed frame cracks and under loose wall hangings. You may also find exoskeletons, which are usually pale yellow.

If you are experiencing any of these signs of a bedbug infestation, you need to act quickly. While it is possible to treat an infestation on your own, it is usually best to call the professionals to ensure that they are completely eradicated.

Florida Pest Control Center has highly trained professionals who are able to use the latest pest control techniques to formulate a safe and effective treatment plan to rid your home of a bedbug infestation. Call or email us today for a consultation with one of our friendly, knowledgeable specialists.

Uninvite Mosquitoes From Your Summer BBQs for Good

You’ve worked hard to create an impressive menu to go with your next foray into the world of backyard dining. Unfortunately, your efforts haven’t just attracted the attentions of your guests and jealous next-door neighbors. You also have to contend with mosquitoes, and it seems like these buzzing pests fail to get the message no matter how many times you tell them that they’re not welcome.

Want to transform your next BBQ into a mosquito-free paradise? Try these integrated pest management, or IPM, tips.

Eliminate Breeding Spots

Mosquitoes require standing water to breed. Different Aedes and Culex species have distinct preferences on whether they prefer human-made pools, like puddles in trash bins, or organic spaces, like leaves that gather rainwater. No matter what type of infestation you’re at war with, however, getting rid of these spots can make your yard way more pleasant.

Experts recommend actions like plugging tree holes with insulating foam, cleaning gutters to keep them from backing up and storing tarps that might collect rainwater indoors. If you have birdbaths, flowerpots or outdoor trashcans, you should empty them out on a routine basis. In some cases, it may be necessary to repair cracked septic tanks, cover ventilation openings and install wire mesh around drainage piping or air conditioner outlets.

Is your yard full of containers, like buckets or wheelbarrows? If you must keep them outdoors, then store them upside-down so that they don’t collect water. Pruning dense vegetation and eliminating windbreaks to let the breeze pass through more often can also discourage adults from nesting nearby.

Introduce Mosquito Predators

In some cases, it’s impossible to eliminate standing water sources. For instance, you probably don’t want to drain your fancy backyard pond.

Fortunately, you can use many predatory species to your advantage. Introducing mosquito-eating fish into a pond, for instance, is a smart way to control larvae populations. Natural nematodes, bacteria and other species serve similar purposes.

Stop Settling for Mosquito Infestations

Mosquitoes love outdoor gatherings because they feed off of your blood. When you, your kids and your pets all gather together, it’s like you’re presenting these insects with a free feast. Since mosquitoes are attracted to your body heat and the carbon dioxide that you naturally exhale, preventing them from developing large populations in the first place is the most effective solution.

Controlling mosquitoes makes it much easier to enjoy the great outdoors. It also prevents the spread of the many diseases that these insects carry, like Zika Virus, malaria and dengue fever. To learn more about how to use comprehensive IPM techniques to keep your BBQs pest-free, talk to an expert at Florida Pest Control Center today.

The Financial Impact of Bedbugs on Businesses

If you run or manage a business, taking steps to keep bedbugs away is vital no matter your industry. According to some studies, a bedbug infestation can cost up to $23,560 to treat and contain. When people think of bedbug outbreaks, hotels are often the first thing that comes to mind, but any business can face this threat. You will want to know how bedbugs can impact your bottom line and what you can do about it.

Replacing Furniture and Other Assets

bed bug wallIf a hotel has bedbugs and allows the problem to progress, the pests can cause lasting damage to towels, sheets, mattresses and furniture. Restaurants and other establishments that have furniture or softgoods will need to replace their items if a bedbug infestation gets out of control.

These parasites can leave fecal matter and blood stains behind after they feed, and you can’t allow your customers to use tainted supplies. You will need to replace everything that the bedbugs ruin when they invade your place of business, and doing so is not always cheap. If you can spot an outbreak in the early stages and get it under control, you can save a lot of money over the long run.

Lost Business

Your prospects know how hard it can be to manage and eliminate a bedbug infestation, and they won’t want to take any chances. If one of your guests spots a bedbug on your property and posts about it online, you will lose a lot of customers. Depending on the review site that your customer used, the negative comment could remain online and hurt your business for years.


Failing to address a bedbug infestation properly could expose you to a range of lawsuits, and you won’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of a civil case. Since people can only sue your business if they can prove that you were negligent in protecting them from bedbugs, doing everything that you can to keep the pests away is your best option.

You can dispute allegations of negligence by showing receipts and reports of pest control services. Even if you win a lawsuit, you will still need to pay legal fees that can impact your budget in a negative way.

Florida Pest Control Center

The Florida Pest Control Center will have your back if you would like to protect your business from lawsuits and reputation damage, and we will dispatch a team of experts as soon as you need us. With our training, tools and dedication, we will find and destroy the bedbugs that have been harming your business and affecting your bottom line.

Why Customers Choose Florida Pest Control Center

At Florida Pest Control Center, we feel privileged to serve our residential and commercial customers. We provide homes and businesses in Broward County and all of South Florida with safe, effective pest control treatments. We are a family-owned, independently operated company, and customer service is the cornerstone of our business.

Safe Pest Control

Our technicians are committed to eliminating pest problems without endangering the health or safety of people and animals. We treat the source, not the symptoms, using cutting-edge technology. Thorough training in the latest techniques is essential to our success. We are also lucky to have access to the knowledge of experts in modern pest control technology and urban pest management at the University of Florida.

Effective Custom Treatment Plans

We use a state-of-the-art blend of chemical and non-chemical components to eliminate invasive pest populations. We create custom plans that outperform DIY and chemical-only treatments to quickly and completely eliminate infestations. Many of our customers have thanked us for getting rid of ongoing pest issues when multiple other companies have failed to do so. Our treatments quickly eliminate bed bugs and other ongoing infestations and help our customers feel comfortable in their own homes and businesses again. Our treatments are developed with sustainability in mind, and most are organic or plant-based.

Guaranteed Service

All our services are insured, licensed and guaranteed. If a treatment doesn’t eradicate your pest problem, we’ll treat your property again at no extra cost. Our knowledgeable technicians are happy to answer all your questions and explain each phase of the treatment process. One advantage of using a professional pest control service instead of a cheap, ineffective DIY product is knowing how and why the treatment works. In addition, our well-trained techs arm customers with information on preventing future infestations.

Fast, Interruption-Free Service

We take pride in providing prompt response times and friendly, efficient service every time. We know you you’re busy, so our team’s goal is to arrive on time and do all we can to avoid interrupting your routine. Our customers appreciate our willingness to work with their schedules. Customers with regular treatment plans receive monthly calls from our friendly office staff to schedule appointments. And we promise to leave your property undamaged and mess-free.

From the safety and effectiveness of our eco-friendly treatments to the professional service provided by our courteous, dependable technicians and office staff, we strive to create a positive experience every step of the way. We know how unpleasant a pest infestation is, and we want you to feel at home again in your residence or business. Join our South Florida customers in safely experiencing a pest-free life. Contact Florida Pest Control Center today for a fast, free estimate.

Common Landscape Pests And Your Lawn

As a proud homeowner, you’ll benefit from achieving and maintaining a beautiful lawn. However, don’t underestimate fire ants or any other landscape pest. They may be small, but they can easily wreak havoc on your lawn. You don’t have to worry because you’re not alone in your fight against pesky critters.


Although gophers are cute and funny on TV shows, they have all the right tools to destroy your well-manicured lawn and garden. Since they travel quickly and live comfortably underground, it won’t take them long to carry out their destructive plans for your yard. The good news is that Florida Pest Control Center will have you covered. As well-trained pest exterminators, we know how to get rid of gophers, and our removal methods are among the safest kind.

Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels live in colonies and are diurnal. Because these pests are quick on their feet, they are extremely good at taking what they want. Without proper intervention, they will continue to raid your garden and lawn. Keep in mind that sprinklers and irrigation lines are just as vulnerable as food-bearing trees and ornamental plants. Also, beware that ground squirrels can carry diseases that are harmful to humans and pets.


From sunup to sundown, insects make their presence known in one way or another. Florida has more than 12,000 species of bugs, including yellow fever mosquitoes and brown recluse spiders. Although most insects serve a useful purpose, it’s going to be in your best interest to let a professional exterminator treat your lawn because he or she is trained to combat foraging and invasive pests.


Moles are a force to be reckoned with. They have a high metabolism and strong front paws that can do substantial damage to your favorite plants and lush lawn. No matter the time of the year, moles will dig surface and deep tunnels, but they are mostly active during the summer, spring and fall. When these pests burrow, they indirectly kill plants because their sharp claws break up and scrape away the soil that nourishes them. You can save your precious bed of dandelions and roses by letting a pest exterminator hunt down the mole that’s living on your property.


During the daytime and nighttime, voles will carry out their duties. They create burrows near the surface, and unlike moles, they don’t leave mounds behind. Unfortunately for you, voles pose a threat to your garden because their digging habit damages the root systems of plants, and they enjoy gnawing on shrubs and blades of grass. As a property owner in Florida, you may be targeted by voles. These pests tend to breed quickly, so an infestation can develop before you know it.

Landscape pests are opportunists. If they find your lawn attractive, they will invade it and mar its beauty within a short amount of time. Thankfully, eradicating landscape pests is an easy task for a professional pest exterminator. Contact Florida Pest Control Center if you have pest control needs.

Common Winter Pests in Florida

Florida Pest Control Center offers comprehensive solutions for customers who are dealing with common winter pests in Florida. These pests are known to be capable of surviving the harshest months of winter, and they can infest your property during this period of time. They will often remain undetected as they seek warm refuge in the walls of your building and in other secluded areas like attics and basements. Some of these pests are also seasonal travelers who migrate to warmer areas like Florida to escape the harsh winter conditions in the north. Always take immediate action for the best results.

Here are the most common pests found in winter in Florida:

1. Rodents: Mice and rats are the most common winter rodents found in Florida. They are adept at escaping the cold by invading the walls and other hidden spaces of your home. They will search for food and water during the winter, and they often find ways to avoid detection. If you see their droppings in your home, call a professional for help eliminating them from your property as soon as possible. This immediate action can prevent further problems from pest infestations.

2. Silverfish: These insects are named after their silver appearance and the way they move, which resembles a fish. They are always attracted to areas that are moist, and they need regular sources of water to survive. These insects will appear in the bathroom or kitchen during winter as they seek refuge from the freezing temperatures outdoors.

3. Ants: Ants are found in this area all year round, but they tend to appear indoors during the winter months. Ants will enter the home searching for food and water, and they often send scouts ahead of the rest of the colony.

4. Roaches: These pests are capable of withstanding the cold by entering the home and laying sacs of eggs in the walls and other hidden places. They breed rapidly, and they can transmit diseases. This is a serious concern for Florida residents who are raising families. Small children can become sick if exposed to the trails left behind by cockroaches.

5. Ticks: These small pests enter the home after an animal or child has been outdoors. They are frequently carried into the home from places where there are lots of trees. Ticks can jump onto the animal or person without being detected. They draw a blood meal, and some species of ticks can carry diseases.

Florida Pest Control Center

Our company hires experience pest control professionals to help our clients understand the dangers of pest infestations during the winter months in Florida. These common pests can migrate south in order to escape the harsh conditions. They will try to find places that are warm to survive, and this means that Florida homeowners, renters and business property managers might notice an increase in the number of pests that invade the property during the winter. For additional information about these pests, contact one of our friendly customer service representatives at Florida Pest Control Center.

Common Myths About Bed Bugs

The mere thought of bed bugs is enough to make many people’s skin crawl. However, there’s a good chance that not everything that you think you know about bed bugs is true. Keep reading to learn the truth about these common bed bug myths. 

Myth 1: Good Housekeeping Will Keep Bed Bugs Away.
Bed bugs like clutter because it provides them with plenty of hiding places, but they don’t care whether a place is clean or dirty. No amount of scrubbing and cleaning will prevent a bed bug infestation.

Myth 2: Bed Bugs Spread Diseases. 
bed bug tabCommon parasites like ticks and mosquitoes can carry pathogens and spread them when they bite, so it’s no wonder that people are wary about bed bugs making them sick. Although they are parasites, there is no evidence that bed bugs spread communicable diseases. However, bed bugs bites aren’t completely harmless. They are itchy and uncomfortable and can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Myth 3: Bed Bugs Only Bite in the Dark. 
Stealthy predators that prefer to stalk sleeping prey, bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, so the majority of their activity tends to take place at night. However, a hungry bed bug will bite whenever the opportunity arises, and leaving a light or night light on won’t keep bed bugs away.

Myth 4: You Cannot See Bed Bugs. 
Bed bugs are small and secretive, but they are big enough to be seen. If you have an infestation, and you look carefully, you’ll probably be able to spot them. Adult bed bugs are flat, reddish brown and roughly the same size as an apple seed.

Myth 5: Bed Bugs Can Fly. 
Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers, but they don’t have wings. The only way a bed bug can fly is if it happens to catch a ride on a plane or some other flying object. 

Myth 6: Getting Rid of Your Mattress Will Get Rid of Bed Bugs.
They may be called bed bugs, but these blood-sucking pests don’t restrict themselves to beds and bedding. While those are favorite hiding spots, they can also lurk in nightstands, chairs and carpets, behind light switches and electrical outlets, and under wall paper and pictures. Throwing out a mattress may reduce the bed bug population in the bedroom, but it won’t eliminate the problem. 

Myth 7: Pesticides Are the Most Effective Treatment for Bed Bugs. 
Pesticides are not particularly effective against bed bugs. In fact, these pests are excellent at resisting chemicals. Generally, a professional heat treatment is your best bet for eradicating a bed bug infestation.

At the Florida Pest Control Center, our experienced technicians harness the power of hot air to provide a one-service treatment that can eliminate all stages of bed bugs. If bed bugs are bugging you, don’t wait. Contact us today.