Aventura, FL Pest Control

The humid climate and plentiful vegetation in Aventura create a prime habitat for several types of pests. If you live in the area, watch for these common local pests.


Bedbugs are round and brown, and their tiny flat bodies are what distinguish them from beetles. These pests spread quickly through hotels, gyms, schools, workplaces and even clothing stores. They often travel on bags or clothing. When they enter your home, they find a place to hide that is convenient for feeding on blood. Mattresses and furniture are the most common hiding places.

You may not realize that you have an infestation until you see a straight line of itchy red bumps on your skin. If you look closely at your mattress and furniture, you may see reddish-brown excrement, shed exoskeletons, blood smears and smashed bedbug bodies. Bedbugs are fast, elusive and can survive more than a month without blood, which makes them resilient to DIY removal attempts. Only a professional knows how to eliminate adult bedbugs and their eggs.


Two common larger outdoor rodents are possums and raccoons. Possums are usually found in garbage cans. Raccoons also like garbage cans and may take up residence under your porch or in a crawlspace. Both pests will aggressively attack when they feel threatened and should never be approached. They may carry rabies.

Mice are common in Florida. They can enter your home through an opening about the size of a quarter. Their urine and feces contaminate flooring, furniture, and even bedding. These pests chew anything from food containers to clothing and furniture. Rats cause similar damages. These larger pests can carry listeria in their urine.

Both mice and rats often live behind walls. When homeowners use poison, the rodents die behind the walls, create health hazards and cause a stench. Traps only kill a few pests but do not focus on the root of the problem. Professionals identify sources of attraction and points of entry, and they have effective methods for removal that will not leave a stinky hazard behind.


From foundation beams to priceless family photos, termites will chew any type of wood or wood byproduct. They are often attracted to a yard because of damp piles of firewood, rotting trees or other plentiful wood sources. Signs of termites include mud tubes along the foundation, visibly chewed wood and piles of wings from swarmer’s. These elusive pests are hard to find, which means that most homeowners do not discover an infestation until damages are extensive. Regular inspections can identify risks to address, and preventative treatments can keep termites away.

Aventura Pest Control

At Florida Pest Control, we can remove these types of pests and many others including spiders, silverfish, and mosquitoes. DIY removal methods are dangerous and ineffective. Our professionals quickly remove infestations and can help you prevent future problems with regular prevention services. To learn more or for a free pest control estimate in Aventura, please call us today.