Bed Bug Treatment for Condos & Townhomes

Bed bug infestations in apartment or condominium buildings throughout Broward County pose a problem. The bugs irritate residents and increase turnover and vacancies while increasing costs and decreasing profits. Prompt and effective treatment can reduce the impact but requires a proactive approach to bed bug control. Florida Pest Control Center proudly offers bed bug extermination services to condos and townhomes throughout Parkland, Coral Springs, Popano Estates, Popano Beach, Tamarac, Oakland Park, Lauderdale Lakes, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Weston, Davie, Dania Beach, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood and the surrounding areas.

Bed bug identification tips for building and property managers in Broward County, FL

Building managers and owners need to understand the bed bug before attempting to deal with any infestations. Information about bed bugs is often available from County Extension Agents but a better source is a pest management professional that specializes in bed bug extermination services. These companies have already dealt with bed bugs and have expertise they may be willing to share as part of an ongoing pest control contract.

Educate residents about bed bug prevention and to report infestations

Provide the apartment or condominium residents brochures about bed bugs and ways to prevent the spread of the pests. Encourage residents to report any infestations occurring in their units. In many cases, apartment managers find a higher rate of compliance if the residents are not charged for any bed bug treatments. Too many residents will not report the problem out of fear of incurring high expenses. This allows the problem to spread making it more difficult to treat.

Knowing when to contact a professional exterminator

Call in a pest management professional if an infestation is reported. These professionals have access to better chemical pesticides and the knowledge to use them appropriately. The pest management professionals may suggest treatment of laundry rooms and other common areas as well as any infested units. Apartment and condominium managers can take some steps that reduce the chances of bed bug infestations. Keep laundry rooms and other common areas as clean and free of clutter as possible. Also, warn residents against bringing in used furniture unless it has been treated. Dispose of rags, old clothing or bedding outside the building rather than in trash cans in the laundry area.

Florida Pest Control Center is your Broward County bed bug extermination expert! We specialize in bed bug inspections and high temperuatre bed bug extermination services throughout townhomes and condos. Contact us today!