Plantation Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs have been harassing homeowners for years. In fact, several major government agencies list them as a public health pest. The organizations also report that the bugs are not known to spread or transfer diseases, which is not likely to comfort you when you have an infestation. As you research bed bug information online, you may come across a number of sites that recommend do-it-yourself extermination, but due to the durability of the bugs, consider contacting us at The Florida Pest Control Center for proper pest elimination.

Ways That Bed Bugs Enter Your Home

In Plantation, a home with bed bugs may acquire a reputation for being unclean. In many cases, this is unfair to the homeowner because bed bugs can come to live with you in a variety of ways. Travel is one of the most common ways that bed bugs arrive in your home. The insects can crawl into your luggage and hitchhike to your residence. Many of your personal possessions can be an attractive conveyance method for bed bugs as they can creep into a purse or coat while you’re at a bed bug infested movie theater, restaurant or home.

Bed Bug Risks

Bed bugs are tough to eliminate because the pests are remarkable hiders. They also reproduce quickly and easily, so even if you exterminate all of the adult bugs, their eggs will continue to hatch, which is why professional extermination is imperative. Since bed bugs feast on your blood, you could be allergic to their saliva. Also, bed bug bites are frequently itchy, and it may be mentally bothersome for you to live in a pest infested home.

Why you should call the Florida Pest Control Center

If bed bugs are living in your home, then call us at The Florida Pest Control Center. We offer bug-eliminating expertise. In addition, our professional exterminators will arrive to your Plantation home quickly to get rid of the blood-sucking pests.