Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Florida Hospitals

Bed bugs are a prevalent problem because of the quick spread of infestations. While hospitals are taught to be proactive about preventing bed bug infestations, the steady stream of people that visit and stay in the hospital make it a prime target for bed bugs. Prompt, thorough extermination options from an experienced pest control service provider can eliminate bed bug problems.

The Problem with Bed Bugs in Hospitals

Hospitals are especially prone to bed bug infestations because of the quick turnaround of people who stay in the hospital. People who have infestations at home may unknowingly bring bed bugs with them on clothing or in suitcases. Family members and friends who are visiting their loved ones in the hospital could even bring bed bugs in on a coat or scarf.

Bed bug infestations spread quickly and can cause minor health issues for people who are exposed to infestations. Bed bug bites may become red, swollen and itchy. Pain may occur because of the swelling. People who are allergic to these bites typically experience the worst reactions, and infestations of bed bugs could result in dozens of tiny, painful welts.

Call The Florida Pest Control Center for Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Heat treatment is the best option for getting rid of bed bugs in a hospital setting. The benefit of heat treatment is that it can be completed in a relatively short period of time and does not require the application of chemicals. The Florida Pest Control Center has the tools and experience needed to handle bed bug heat treatments for large, commercial buildings including hospitals. We provide free quotes to help commercial property owners with budgeting extermination costs. Contact us today for more information.