Termite Heat Treatments in Ft. Lauderdale

Termites can literally devour a building from the inside out. In addition to inflicting structural damage to homes, they can make occupants feel uncomfortable in the place that should be a haven. Many homeowners hesitate to use traditional chemical treatments for various reasons. Fortunately, the Florida Pest Control Center offers a plethora of alternatives such as heat treatment.

Like most other animals, termites have their limits when it comes to extreme temperatures. Cranking up your heat won’t do the job; you need an expert with special equipment that evenly distributes heat throughout the interior of your home. The Florida Pest Control Center is the premier executor of pests in Broward County, Florida, and our exterminators have the tools to kill bugs in all stages of life. We approach our clients holistically by selecting the best treatment and teaching you how to prevent future infestations. We can proudly say that we have few repeat customers because we get the job done right the first time.

Our heat treatment is a popular option with property owners for many reasons:

  • Heat treatment leaves no residue or chemicals that can harm pets.
  • Heat can reach nooks and crannies in which termites like to hide.
  • Heat inflicts no damage on your house and furniture.
  • Heat treatment kills all adult insects as well as their young and their eggs.

If termites are eating away at the integrity of your home and your life, the Florida Pest Control Center can restore order. Call us today, and one of our representatives will provide you with a free quote and more information about how we can take care of your uninvited guests.