Ant Control

The ants go marching for a reason: They want to get inside your homes and feast on the goodies in your kitchen. Whether it's a newly made sandwich on the counter or a leftover crumb on the floor, ants can detect a food source from miles away. However, not all ants seek food in your kitchen; some ants just build homes in your yard and destroy your beautiful landscape.

The First Sign of Ant Infestations

Though ants belong outside, they sometimes cross the line between being typical yard insects and invasive pests. You may have noticed sand piles on your driveway or between the cracks on your patio or sidewalk. Ants build their homes in the most inconvenient places and decrease your home's exterior aesthetic in a matter of days.

You may have also seen a single ant on your kitchen floor or in the bathroom sink. If you think that seeing one ant shouldn't concern you, think again. That single ant has probably left behind invisible trails filled with pheromones, which signal to the colony and lead them directly to your home. Just one ant can turn into hundreds of ants if you fail to take immediate action.

Identifying Ants in Your Home and Business

Ants don't just invade homes throughout Broward County; they also infest businesses and wreak havoc in restaurants, offices and hotels. While sugar ants invade kitchens and bathrooms in search of food and water, Raspberry crazy ants infest air conditioning units and cause short circuits. In addition, fire ants build huge nests in yards across Florida and threaten adults, children and pets. If you see flying ants, it's best to have a professional from Florida Pest Control Center come in and identify whether it's female ants or termites.

Effective Pest Control in Broward County

About 17 ant species in Florida are considered household pests, according to the University of Florida - Fort Lauderdale. Each of these ant species has its own food preference and behavior pattern, and they all require a different treatment method. Trying to use a single over-the-counter treatment to kill the ants can end up costing you money and producing more ants in the future.

Contact Florida Pest Control Center for a free quote on all services. When ants get inside your home or business, our professional team has the knowledge and equipment to eliminate the problem. Let us inspect the area and determine the best strategy to eradicate the pests and protect your home or business from future infestations.