The Bed Bug Control Process in Florida

The resurgence of bed bugs worldwide has made them especially problematic. As hitchhikers, bed bugs are easily imported into your property or home on luggage, clothing and other personal items. Damaged reputation, dissatisfaction, bad publicity, lost business and lawsuits are some of the consequences that can be experienced when bed bugs are discovered. Although traditional pesticide treatment must be applied three times over a four to six week period, The Florida Pest Control Center an innovative method that is less intrusive - The Heat Assault 500X.

The Florida Pest Control Center has developed a one-service treatment strategy using forced hot air technology to obtain quick, reliable results and effectively eliminates bed bug infestations. Our technique ensures lethal temperatures are reached and sustained for optimal results eliminating bed bugs and their eggs from your property.

Our process

1. Florida Pest Control Center uses specialized radiators to Raise ambient room temperature.

2. During the heating process, the air is re-circulated and moisture is removed, increasing bed bug control.

3. By optimizing furniture arrangement and positioning high temperature fans, hot air circulation is maximized, cool spots are eliminated and lethal temperatures are achieved in all areas of the treatment zone.

4. Temperature monitors are placed in strategic locations and infrared, remote sensors verify that critical temperatures are achieved. At the conclusion of your service, your Technician will provide a printout of the temperatures reached and sustained during treatment to validate the effectiveness of our treatment.

The Florida Pest Control Center Service Assurance

The Florida Pest Control Center cannot prevent reintroduction of bed bugs, we provide assurance of additional conventional treatment at no cost should bed bug activity be identified and reported to us within 30 days of the heat treatment. We offer financing and extended warranties.

Heat treatment at a glance

• A “green” option – limited or chemical-free process.

• Bed bug activity can significantly damage your reputation.

• The Florida Pest Control Center can eliminate all stages of bed bugs and return a property to use usually within 12 hours.

• Technicians have years of experience dealing with Bed Bugs.