Fort Lauderdale Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs: These tiny bloodsuckers have been a problem for people for as long as we've had beds to sleep on, but after the discovery and widespread use of pesticides, the foremost of which was DDT, the problem seemed to be solved. However, in recent years these little pests have made a comeback of sorts, attributed to a variety of factors such as the banning of DDT after the long term effects of its use were made clear, increased amounts of international travel, and potential increased immunities to traditional methods of extermination. These new, harder to kill bed bugs have left many homeowners scratching their heads, however there is a new treatment for bed bugs that has been proven effective in nearly one hundred percent of all infestations. The answer to the bedbug problem is heat treatment. The professional bed bug exterminators at Florida Pest Control Center offer bed bug heat treatments in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Broward County.

Offering bed bug heat treatment throughout Fort Lauderdale

Heat treatment is based on a simple concept, at temperatures exceeding one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit the bed bug simply can not survive, whether it be in the egg, or a full grown adult. So by raising the temperature throughout the entire affected building to the proper point, the infestation is stopped outright.

Heat treatment has a number of benefits over other methods, especially the traditional use of pesticides. Unlike pesticides, heat treatment leaves no long lasting, potentially dangerous residues in or around homes where children or animals could get at them. Also, heat, unlike poison, is proven to be effective against one hundred percent of bed bugs, so there is no concern at all about surviving bugs breeding and creating the need for yet another call to deal with a second infestation.

We are your bed bug exterminator

Bed bugs can be a terrible hassle, they will infest any number of items throughout a house, and attempting to deal with the problem on your own can seem like an insurmountable task to anyone. So we are here to tell you that you don't have to deal with a bed bug infestation alone, just pick up the phone today and call Florida Pest Control Center. Our professional exterminators offer heat treatment for Fort Lauderdale bed bugs. We can deal with the bed bug problem quickly, professionally, and most importantly of all, safely.