Commercial Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are small critters with multiple legs, antennas and wide shells on their backs. They can bite into the soft flesh of unaware humans, but their presence is often difficult to detect. Professional pest control services can help concerned individuals identify their nesting areas and eliminate them from the property. We inspect the entire premises to ensure that you can remain free of the fear of bites from these pests.

Damage, Dangers of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can invade many different types of commercial properties, and they are also very common in apartment complexes with multiple units. If any building has cracks in the walls, the bugs may enter into one of the units and spread to other parts of the facility. Bed Bugs can also hitch a ride on people and then spread throughout a commercial property. This can compromise the health of the residents of the property. Many apartments are adjacent to commercial structures, and this is a common method the bed bugs use to gain entry into the residential parts of the building. Bed bugs can also enter office buildings as well. They may cling to furniture and other items during a move from one place to another. Once inside the premises, they can easily move around and search for people to bite.

Controlling Bed Bugs

After they enter the building, they may build nests in dark, moist areas. After night falls, they may come out to feast on unaware humans. Some people will wake up with sores or rashes on their skin. These areas may itch severely, and some people will even have allergic reactions. Instead of guessing whether you have a pest infestation, you can always contact The Bed Bug Center, and let our experts take care of the rest. We are proud to offer out bed bug control services to Broward County, Ft. Lauderdale, Plantatiion, Dania Beach, and the surrounding cities and towns. Call us today for a free bed bug control quote.