Broward County Subterranean Termite Control

Subterranean termites can devour and destroy the wood structure of any building. Unless checked, the damage will lead to extensive repair work costing thousands of dollars-dollars you can save through a proper detection, treatment and prevention program.

Broward County subterranean termites begin their destructive process by attacking foundation timbers or other wood close to the ground. From this strategic point, they move their attack to other parts of a commerical building or home and establish new colonies.

Subterranean termite control throughout Broward County

Our Termite Control:

  • Reproduction intensifies the problem.
  • Florida Pest Control Center uses modern procedures to create a non repellent barrier between your building and the ground.
  • The barrier effectively prevents new termites from entering to the ground for the moisture they need to survive.
  • Florida Pest Control Center are the experts in the treatment of formosan termites.

Termites are problems in more ways than one. Not only do they come in swarms and create a pest problem. They also cause serious damage to structures, particularly anything made of wood or wood fiber. They also go after insulation, paper, and filtration systems. That said, because termites tend to be subterranean by nature, they are hard to notice until they are already established inside a home or structure.

Termites travel in two ways

Termites travel by ground and via winged swarmers. The winged versions are the scouts that allow colonies to break off from established locations and create new colonies. The ground version are the bulk of the colony that come in and perform the damage. Warm weather and drying out temperatures trigger the movement, which usually happens in Spring. As soon as the flying termite finds a location, it finds a mate and begins breeding. That then creates the new colony population.

People usually realize termites are present when they first find a bug that looks like an ant with wings. However, it’s not an ant. Instead, flying termites tend to be attracted to light and can be seen crawling out of foundation walls or wood in or around patio areas. These are confirmation signs of an infestation.

Knowing when to call a professional

Broward County subterranean termite control can’t effectively be done with home remedies or topical sprays. More often than not, the termite colony itself is embedded deep in the house or structure, and not accessible through normal traffic areas. Professional treatment involves knowing where the colony is and how it traffics. Then drilling, poison pumps, and baits are used along with soil rods to poison the colony. The poison is also injected into the walls and ground around the structure by the gallon to kill off the ground termites by the thousands. Because termites can be so pervasive, the chemical is injected into walls, foundations, cement and soil. With repeat treatment by a professional eventually the colony dies off permanently.

Florida Pest Control Center has up to date equipment and new vehicles. Our newest subterranean termite truck is equipped with the top of the line treating unit. This truck has dual pumps and hoses for liquid and foam treatments. Modern subterranean termite treatments combine the use of foam and liquid termiticides.