Protect your home from Mosquitoes

Dengue fever and malaria are not the only diseases that can spread due to mosquitoes. In recent months, the Zika virus has received increased attention from the media. Reaching epidemic proportions in Brazil, this disease is expected to spread to the southern part of the United States soon. Known for causing birth defects and flu-like symptoms, this virus can only be stopped by eliminating the mosquitoes who spread it. What Is the Zika Virus?

Originally found in Uganda in 1947, this virus was relatively unheard of for decades. Due in part to the globalized nature of travel, it has spread from equatorial Africa and Asia to the rest of the world. Although it is generally quite harmless for healthy adults, it can cause microcephaly in infants whose mothers were exposed to the virus during pregnancy.

Why Is the Zika Virus a Threat?

Considering its minimal impact on adults, this disease would normally be overlooked as just another virus. The main issue is that the virus can lead to severe birth defects. Starting in October, the Ministry of Health in Brazil began recording an increased incidence of microcephaly. This condition causes infants to be born with minimal brain development and abnormally small heads. Currently, Brazil is looking at 3,500 cases of microcephaly. Normally, there are just 10 to 200 cases in the country annually. Due to this, Brazil has recommended that prospective mothers put off having children until a vaccine is made or the disease is eliminated.

What Is Microcephaly?

When a child develops this condition, they are born with a smaller, misshapen head. It often causes incomplete brain development, speech problems and developmental disabilities. The child is likely to have a shorter stature as they grow up, balancing issues, facial distortions and speech problems. Some children with microcephaly also develop life-threatening seizures that have to be controlled by medical interventions.

How Is It Spread?

Although the Zika virus has spread through semen in a few cases, it is primarily spread through the Aedes mosquito. Once the mosquito bites someone, the person can become infected. Most people notice only flu-like symptoms, and some individuals have no symptoms at all. Unfortunately, people who do not have symptoms are more likely to spread it to someone else.

Where Is the Zika Virus?

Currently, the Zika virus has spread from Africa and Asia to the new world. It is found in 25 countries or more in the Caribbean and Latin America. Before long, it is expected to spread to the United States as well.

The main way to stop this virus is to eliminate the mosquitoes that cause it. The Florida Pest Control Center can help you to kill the mosquitoes that cause Zika and protect your family. Contact us today to find out how we can help.