Ft. Laurderdale Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are tiny, flat, wingless, reddish-brown colored insects that feed on blood from human or animal hosts. They are often found in mattresses, furniture and other dark, protected areas near where they feed. Signs of bed bug infestation include dark spots on bedding and upholstery from feces or dried blood, eggs that resemble grains of rice, and cast skins from adult insects.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Inside?

Because of their small size and flat, narrow shape, bed bugs can easily move between connected apartments or houses through air vents and small cracks. They may also enter a living space when new or used furniture, appliances or electronics are brought home. People who travel frequently often bring hitchhiking bed bugs home in luggage, camping equipment or clothing.

Health Risks Caused by Bed Bugs

Bed bugs bite humans and pets while they sleep. The insect’s saliva contains substances that cause swelling and redness, and bites may cause pain or severe itching. It can be difficult to distinguish bed bug bites from other insect bites, and the bites may even look different from one person to another. The appearance of multiple bites after sleeping in an unfamiliar bed is suggestive of a bed bug attack. Those who are allergic to bed bug skins or saliva may experience more severe reactions, including asthma attacks. Removing bed bugs is critical for preventing serious consequences.

The Bed Bug Center Can Eliminate Your Unwanted Visitors

As the leading resource for bed bug control in South Florida, The Bed Bug Center offers highly specialized technology to rid your home of bed bugs in the most effective, discreet manner. Contact us for a free quote, and say goodbye to your bed bug problems today.